About Us

VALENTIS is a group of pharmaceutical companies that formulate, produce and actively market innovative pharmaceutical preparations.

Valentis aims to help everybody care for what is most precious to them, namely their health; therefore, we are constantly formulating and marketing products that improve health and heal without adverse side effects to the natural operation of the human body.

All the products that we offer to the consumer are selected and checked with great care and responsibility, and their value and benefit is based on very thorough scientific research. We always take great care to ensure that our products are not harmful to the human body or to the environment.

We believe that everybody is capable of resisting viruses naturally and defeating various ailments with very little medical help. Therefore, we urge everyone to lead a physically active life, look after themselves and, most importantly, be positive!

Our values

VALENTIS cherishes the traditions of drug production and the provision of health services. Our MISSION is to help people by offering the best solutions and creating a structure that is able to grow and develop independently. We see the best treatment as the one which is most natural and safe, which helps the body to recover and does not disturb its natural balance.

By producing and marketing the best quality products for the improvement of health, Valentis seeks to take the lead in all areas of natural medical treatment. We strive to realize this by ensuring that our products recognized as efficient, effective and safe. We also constantly strive to increase confidence in us as a company and in the values we cherish and believe in.

Fields of activity

Valentis is a group that embraces all stages of pharmaceutical product development. The group works in diverse fields of activity, but the principle of naturalness is followed in all arms of the company. We maintain contact with doctors and scientists in our search for fields in which existing medicine is failing in order to offer better alternatives. Based on our findings, we formulate innovative pharmaceutical preparations, maintain records, register treatments, adapt production technologies, and either produce the medicines ourselves or contract production out to our partners, before actively marketing the results.

Every new preparation is checked thoroughly for its effectiveness and potential side effects before it is released for mass production. During this stage evidence is collected for scientific justification and specialists in various fields are consulted. Our products are put on the market only when we are absolutely certain of their safety and efficiency.

Valentis is a living, constantly growing, changing and innovating organization. Whilst respecting tradition, we are constantly searching for innovative ways to adapt or use established solutions in the best possible ways and are always looking for new treatment methods suitable for modern medicine.

Efficient production

The production of all of Valentis’s products adheres strictly to the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice system. The company ensures and controls the traceability of all products on the production line, from the production of active substances to ensuring pharmacovigilance.

All of our production processes and quality control methods have been independently validated. Our external suppliers are selected with extreme care, with their reliability and experience always taken into consideration. Furthermore, our suppliers are all audited by Valentis in order to ensure that they meet our particular quality control standards.

By producing our own drugs, with high levels of quality and risk management, we are able to lead the market in terms of the price of our pharmaceutical products in some categories.

We set extremely high standards for our products in order to meet the obligations set out in law and EU directives.


By combining tradition with modern technology, UAB Valentis produces safe products of the highest quality.

In order to guarantee the safe consumption of our products, we urge you to inform us of all suspected undesirable reactions to our drugs, as well as cases of overdose or abuse.

We care

While introducing modern technologies and investing in scientific research, we do not forget hundred-year-old therapeutic traditions; as a result, we are constantly on the look-out for sources of healing in nature that can help a person to preserve his or her health without disturbing the natural balance of the body or causing harm to the environment.

Since we care about people, we don’t just use natural components for the main active ingredients in the production of our medicines and food supplements, we also use natural auxiliary components such as extrahents, which extract active substances from the medicinal materials needed for the production of our preparations.

Our traditional vegetal drug preparations are formulated not just with the help of scientific research, but also with feedback from long-term consumption and monitoring as well as positive evaluations from our consumers; therefore, we know that these are safe and effective preparations.

By searching for ideas and inspiration in nature, we create new preparations intended to prevent disease by stimulating the healing powers of the human body itself.